Jetty Construction & Engineering

A jetty is a bustling center where ships, boats, and cargo congregate along the beach, allowing the loading and unloading of construction materials and other items. In Bangladesh, where rural locations frequently lack sufficient road connectivity, rivers provide the only lifeline for building initiatives. As a result, demand for permanent jetties has increased not only in Dhaka but throughout the country. SICHO, a recognized industry leader, stands out in this environment, offering first-rate jetty building services.

SICHO offers extensive consultations, adapting solutions to each client's individual requirements based on over 30 years of competence in planning and developing shore-based facilities. Their expertise lies in the construction of roll-on/Roll-Off (RO-RO) and lift-on/Lift-Off (LO-LO) jetties, as well as the development of a 1670-ton capacity jetty for handling big and heavy goods. SICHO's steel matting and heavy-duty metal plates offer a strong infrastructure that can resist the demands of a booming maritime sector. SICHO is one of the best jetty construction companies in Bangladesh.

It should be noted, however, that many jetty-building businesses in Bangladesh struggle with cost-effectiveness. The jetty construction methodology involves various engineering and construction methodologies to ensure the safe and durable development of a structure that extends into a body of water. The upkeep of artificial jetties, which frequently require periodic excavations, is a costly burden. To overcome this issue, novel ideas and environmentally friendly practices should be used to improve the building and maintenance processes, thereby enhancing the efficiency and cost of jetty infrastructure.

To summarize, the importance of jetty building and engineering cannot be understated, as Bangladesh continues to rely on its waterways for construction and transit. SICHO is a valued partner in shaping the country's waterway infrastructure because of its strong track record and dedication to delivering high-quality jetty projects. The sector can overcome problems and pave the path for a more efficient and sustainable future by promoting teamwork, embracing technology improvements, and prioritizing cost-effectiveness.


Vast Experience in the Construction of RO-RO/LO-LO Jetty. Experience in the construction of a 1670-ton capacity jetty for ODC cargo handling. Equipped with steel mats and heavy-duty metal plates.


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