Jetty Construction & Engineering

A jetty is a place where ships, boats, and cargo can crowd on the shore to take off and fill different construction materials or something else. An artificial jetty has intentionally constructed breakwaters, sea walls, or otherwise. They could have been constructed by excavating, and these require maintenance by further periodic excavating. Most of the jetty construction company in Bangladesh are not cost effective.

Jetty is an engineering framework designed to control the present or tide or to protect a harbor or coastal areas from waves connected with river, harbor, and coastal works.

Bangladesh has some remote areas where there is less opportunity to use any road for any kind of construction work. For construction purposes, construction equipment can’t be carried by road. So there is only one opportunity to reach there and doing any construction work by waterways. So that those areas need a permanent jetty for doing those works. Using of jetty construction is increasing day by day in Dhaka including allover in Bangladesh. We served any types of jetty construction in Dhaka also in whole Bangladesh. For doing high-quality jetty construction in Bangladesh, SICHO is a leading company in this native industry.

Having 30+ years of experience in Jetty Design construction and engineering of shore-based facilities, we offer comprehensive consultation which aims to outline the specific requirements of our clients.


    Vast Experience in Construction of RO-RO/LO-LO Jetty. Experience in Construction of 1670 Ton Capacity Jetty for ODC Cargo Handling. Equipped with Steel Mats and Heavy-duty metal plates.

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